Pastoral Care

Pastoral care is the ministry that pastors offer to members of their community of faith and, when appropriate, to the wider community surrounding the congregation. Pastors care for others by being available to visit persons in the hospital, in nursing or rehabilitation facilities, and of course, in their own homes.

The Laying on of Hands with Prayer and Anointing of the Sick is offered to the faithful whenever it is needed. 

Pastors are also available to provide prayerful leadership at public events as requested, especially during those times of national mourning. 

Pastoral care also helps to ensure that the sacramental ministry of the Church is extended to those in the body of Christ who cannot regularly attend corporate Worship. Lay Eucharistic Ministers are also trained by pastors to bring the consecrated elements of Communion out to those who seek to receive the Lordís Supper on a regular basis thereby also maintaining an even closer connection to their sisters and brothers who had gathered for Sunday Worship. 

Pastors are also called whenever a person is in danger of dying.  The ancient prayers of the Church are prayed over the person asking God to forgive their sins, prepare them for death, and to anoint them as a reminder of their Baptism. A final Communion is then offered to them as food for their journey home into their new life in Christ Jesus.

Counseling for personal or family issues is also available from pastors on a limited basis.  The pastors do not engage themselves in the work or role of licensed therapists but instead will refer a parishioner to a professional if more than several sessions are required.  Pastors offer insights, advice and a perspective derived from the Scriptures and from the teachings of Christ and his Church.

Pastoral care involves shepherding people through their lives by comforting, helping, strengthening, encouraging, guiding and challenging them as they grow deeper in faith and as they pursue the holiness of Christ through Godís grace. 

In all forms of pastoral care, a pastor is called to model to their flock a faithful and Christ centered lifestyle.