In the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, welcome to the website of Christ Lutheran Church in York, Pennsylvania!

Please allow me to share a few words about our congregation. First of all, a rich history helps to define this church—both in terms of people and place. The congregation dates from September 23, 1733, the day on which a little girl was baptized in the presence of the very first families. On the third Sunday of every September, then, the congregation observes its founding by celebrating the Eucharist with historic communion ware, followed by an Oktoberfest meal and German polka music. In other words, we both cherish and enjoy our heritage!

At the same time, the historical character of Christ Lutheran Church is expressed not only in special events, but also in its physical facilities. As portrayed elsewhere on this website, the complex houses modern offices, classrooms, and other such spaces. Yet at nearly every turn one encounters reminders of the past. For example, in the quietness of the courtyard stand the gray-streaked headstones of saints from bygone days. And the picturesque bell-and-clock tower continues, as it has for decades, to remind passersby that the building it dominates is indeed an active house of worship. Dating from 1812, the nave is replete with the symbols that have inspired worshippers for years and years, primarily the baptismal font, altar, pulpit, lectern, organ, and certainly not least of all a majestic rendering of the Ascension. Throughout, a spacious openness and natural light fill this place of worship, qualities that reflect, we hope, the openness and light of Christ in the lives of those who gather weekly to remember their baptisms, lift up their prayers, partake in the life-giving food of Holy Communion, and always sing praises of thanksgiving to God.

As a saying goes, the past is prologue to the future. We, the people of Christ Lutheran Church, seek to build on the foundation of faithfulness of those whom we follow. That includes strengthening relationships among one another in worship, education, and fellowship. It also means reaching out to others—in downtown York, in the larger community and region, and beyond. We pray that God may grant us the same faithfulness that blessed those who have preceded us. As they did, may we always find our hope, strength, and salvation in the One for whom this congregation is named.

We invite you to contact us with any questions you may have and, as your schedule permits, to worship with us as well!

In Christ,

Alan J. Watt