Christ Church is available for the celebration of Marriage between one man and one woman. Marriage services are always available to members. Services for non-members may be conducted at the discretion of the Senior Pastor. Please check the availability of the Church BEFORE scheduling any reception hall or making other arrangements. 

Contact the Pastor and the Organist as soon as possible after your engagement is announced so that the proper planning and preparation can be done well ahead of the festivities. 

Pre-marital counseling is required for all couples who desire to be married at Christ Church .

A rehearsal for all participants is required before the event.  Please bring your marriage license and all applicable fees with you for the rehearsal. 

The liturgy is solemn, but joyous, and always very respectful of Godís Holy Presence at the celebration and this will be reflected in the readings and the music chosen for the ceremony. The Eucharist is especially appropriate at all Weddings and an invitation to commune will be offered to all the baptized faithful who are in attendance.

An information sheet regarding marriage at Christ Church is attached. It should be read thoroughly. Any questions should be addressed to the Senior Pastor.

Click here for a printable wedding form.