Christ Church Child Care


Christ Lutheran Church has carefully created a safe, healthy, stimulating environment for children. We are aware that each child, a unique creation of God, comes to us with his own unique timetable and collection of abilities and needs.  Our staff welcomes each child as the special individual he/she is and creates a classroom world where each can develop at his/her own pace.  Self confidence develops when children encounter challenges they can meet through interaction with responsive, affectionate adults.


Contact Beth Barbato, Director 854-2239 or E-mail



Young Toddlers Older Toddlers Preschoolers



Christ Lutheran Church

29 S. George Street

York PA 17401

Hours of Operation

The center is open year-round Monday through Friday from  6:30 a.m. until 5:30 p.m. except for certain holidays.


We are certified through the State and are rated a Star 3 center by the Keystone Stars rating system.


Infants $152/week

Young Toddlers $142/week

Older Toddlers $135/week

Preschoolers $126/week

(A $25 non-refundable fee is due at the time of enrollment.)


How To Register

If you think you may be interested in registering your child, please call 854-2239 to schedule an appointment with the director.

Snow/Bad Weather Policy

The Child Care center will follow the York City Schools. If the York City Schools have a delay, cancellation or early dismissal due to snow/bad weather, then the child care will do the same.