A Christianís life of faith revolves around the Church. Therefore, it is fitting that Christian Funerals be held in the Churchís building whenever possible. 

The liturgy for the Burial of the Dead is designed to return the deceased to their place of worship once more before they are laid to rest. The Church is also a place of comfort for family and friends as we gather to hear Godís Word and to share in the Eucharist.  We hold and believe that while the congregation feasts at the Lordís Table on earth, their loved one is feasting at the Lordís Table in Heaven. Therefore sharing in the Sacrament of Holy Communion is strongly encouraged at all funeral services believing that in this sacrament the Church on earth and the Church in heaven are joined together in the one, mystical body of Our Lord Jesus Christ.   

Even as we grieve, the Church boldly proclaims our faith in Christís Resurrection and what it means for us as individuals and as the community of faith.  Despite the reality of death, we stand at the grave and sing our song, ďAlleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia!Ē 

Christ Church is blessed to be able to offer our parishioners the option of being buried on church grounds.  Columbarium niches are now available as well as urn vaults.  Planning for the future is always wise and it is a thoughtful gift to give to oneís family.   Please contact the Pastor for more detailed information.

A funeral planning form is attached to help our members prepare for their service. It may be downloaded and once completed returned to the office.

Click here for a printable funeral planning form.